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Novel proteolytic enzymes

Tania Aaquist Nielsen, Ida B. Thøgersen, Michael Wulff Risør, Line Rold Thomsen, Kristian Sanggaard

Proteolytic enzymes and inhibitors play a key-role in many protein based research projects and it is the common denominator for nearly all our protein characterization affords. Recently we launched a new focus area aimed at the identification and characterization of novel proteolytic enzymes. The project is part of the alliance: “Novel enzymes of industrial relevance: Specialised proteolytic enzymes for release of new bioactive peptides (NOVENIA)”. Our focus is on mass spectromety-based identification of digestive proteolytic enzymes from organisms with an extreme digestion mechanism including carnivorous plants, python constrictors and tarantulas. These enzymes are poorly understood and we employ heterologous express systems to produce the enzymes for further characterization. The goal is to use these novel proteins in a range of food and feed applications. Therefore, in addition to academic partners, the research alliance includes world-leading enzyme producers including Danisco A/S, Novozymes A/S and the food company Arla Foods amba.

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